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Article: The Risks of Verbal Agreements

Author: Jurgen Potgieter, candidate attorney at Malan Lourens Viljoen Inc
October 2017

Verbal agreements are no less binding than written agreements. Proving these agreements and the exact terms thereof on the other hand is another matter.

Agent of the Month Award: July

Shameale Baartman van Seeff Strand is aangewys as ons Julie ‘Agent-van-die-maand’. Sy is bederf met ‘n geskenkbewys van Gift Experience en glo sy sal haar spesiale ervaring geniet. Baie geluk Shameale! Foto van links: Louis Scheepers (MLV), Shameale Baartman en Thys Lourens (MLV-direkteur)

Seeff Agent of the Month

Article: Suiwer Ekonomiese Verlies

Author: Lizaan van der Vyver, candidate attorney at Malan Lourens Viljoen Inc
September 2017

Suiwer ekonomiese verlies omvat vermoënsverlies wat nie die gevolg van saakbeskadiging of persoonlikheidskrenking is nie. Met ander woorde, bo en behalwe die direkte skade gely, kan ‘n eiser ook die skade wat indirek gely is as gevolg van die direkte skade, eis

Agent of the Month Award

Tydens ‘n spog funksie by Seeff Gordonsbaai, het Carmen le Grange weggestap met die titel ‘Agent van die Maand’ asook ‘n geskenkbewys van “Gift Experience” Ons hoop dat sy elke oomblik van haar spesiale ondervinding sal geniet.

Seeff Agent of the Month

Article: Die Voetstoots Klousule

Author: Lizaan van der Vyver, candidate attorney at Malan Lourens Viljoen Inc
August 2017

In eenvoudige terme beteken hierdie klousule bloot “wat jy sien is wat jy kry”. Die koper stem dus in dat hy ‘n produk koop in die toestand wat dit is ten tye van die aangaan van die koopooreenkoms en dat hy nie ‘n eis teen die verkoper kan instel indien hy op ‘n latere stadium sekere defekte ten opsigte van die produk vind nie.

Article: Consequences of ‘Void for Vagueness’ Antenuptial Contract

Author: Myrna Heunis, candidate attorney at Malan Lourens Viljoen Inc
July 2017

In terms of Section 2 the Matrimonial Property Act of 1984, all marriages entered into after the commencement of this Act, which is out of community of property in terms of an antenuptial contract by which community of property and community of profit and loss is excluded, is automatically subject to the accrual system. However, it is possible for the marriage to not be subject to the accrual system by expressly excluding the parties’ intention to do so in the antenuptial contract.

Article: The Protection of Personal Information Act - What you need to know

Author: Jurgen Potgieter, candidate attorney at Malan Lourens Viljoen Inc
July 2017

POPIA signifies the bare minimum standards and requirements for the recording, processing and sharing of personal information. It is essential that both individuals and businesses are acutely aware of the rights and obligations that the Act will confer on them as most, if not all, are privy to varying degrees of personal information on other people and entities.

Article: New insights from the Constitutional Court bench – the “just and equitable” requirement in eviction proceedings

Author: Clara Brand, candidate attorney at Malan Lourens Viljoen Inc
July 2017

On 8 June 2017, the Constitutional Court of South Africa handed down a landmark judgment with regards to the rights of illegal occupants in eviction proceedings in Occupiers of Erven 87 and 88 Berea and Christiaan Frederick De Wet and another. Some media publications’ analysis of the judgment could lead one to believe that in circumstances where homelessness is the fate of a potential evictee, an eviction may not be granted by a court under any circumstances. However, the true legal position is slightly more complex and cannot be summarised in such simple terms

Article: Naamskending of Laster

Author: Lizaan van der Vyver, candidate attorney at Malan Lourens Viljoen Inc
June 2017

‘n Persoon maak homself skuldig aan naamskending waneer hy iemand se naam en eer skade aan doen deur verkeerde of vals inligting aan die publiek of 'n derde party te publiseer. Die eiser hoef slegs te bewys dat die opmerking prima facie op ‘n skending van sy reputasie neerkom en dat dit gepubliseer is.

Article: The Non-Compete Clause

Author: Jurgen Potgieter, candidate attorney at Malan Lourens Viljoen Inc
May 2017

It is common practice for purchasers to include, as part of an agreement for the sale of a business, a clause that prevents the seller from operating a similar business within a specified radius or within a specified time frame from the business that was sold. This is commonly referred to as a non-compete clause. However, the purchaser should tread lightly when inserting such a clause, as it might not necessarily be enforceable.

Article: Forfeiture of Patrimonial Benefits in South Africa

Author: Myrna Heunis, candidate attorney at Malan Lourens Viljoen Inc
April 2017

Forfeiture of patrimonial benefits entails a court granting an order of divorce and including an order that one party forfeits the assets which would have been acquired by them as a result of the marriage in community of property or benefits accrued as a result of an ante-nuptial claim. The courts will however consider each individual case separately and take into account the circumstances therein and thereafter apply their discretion in making a forfeiture order or not.

Article: Eviction proceedings – Where does the Landlord stand?

Author: Clara Brand, candidate attorney at Malan Lourens Viljoen Inc
March 2017

It’s one of the most frustrating situations that any property owner may experience – I let out my premises with the expectation of a steady inflow of rental income, but my tenant turns out to be less than satisfactory in meeting my expectations in this regard. It would seem only appropriate that a non-paying tenant should be easily evicted from my premises. As many property owners in this scenario soon realise, the process of evicting a tenant is anything but easy, or fast.

Article: Streng Aanspreeklikheid vir Hondaanvalle

Author: Lizaan van der Vyver, candidate attorney at Malan Lourens Viljoen Inc
March 2017

Om ‘n hond te hê kan ‘n uiters lonende ervaring wees. Maar met groot geluk, kom groot verantwoordelikheid. Bo en behalwe die kos, oefening en veearts rekeninge van jou viervoetige vriende, het jy ook die verantwoordelikheid om te verseker dat hulle nie skade aan enige persoon of hul eiendom aanrig nie. Voorvalle van hondaanvalle raak al hoe meer algemeen in Suid-Afrika. Dit is dus van kardinale belang dat beide slagoffers en eienaars van troeteldiere die beginsels van streng aanspreeklikheid verstaan.

Article: The Role of the Doctrine of Legitimate Expectation in Income Tax

Author: Jurgen Portgieter, candidate attorney at Malan Lourens Viljoen Inc
February 2017

South African taxpayers are for the most part unaware of the full extent of rights and remedies available to them when disputing the tax liability that the South African Revenue Service has determined is due and payable on the income they generate. Although the Income Tax Act 58 of 1962 offers a number of ways to dispute these amounts, the remedies are time-consuming and often difficult to comprehend. The doctrine of legitimate expectation proposes another remedy for taxpayers and can serve as a powerful weapon to force SARS to comply with the promises they make to taxpayers regarding the extent of their liability.

Some of the most frequently asked legal questions answered

Author: Louis Scheepers
November 2016

Can a minor buy property?
Yes, if a minor is under the age of 7, he/she is totally without legal capacity. His/her parents, guardian or tutor must act on his/her behalf. A minor between 7 and 17 years, has limited contractual capacity. His/her parents, guardian or tutor may act on his/her behalf or may assist him/her in the act. If the minor acts without the necessary assistance, his/her parents, guardian or tutor, during his/her minority, have a discretion to either ratify (accept) or repudiate (reject) the contract.

May the executor of a deceased estate open a sectional title scheme?
Yes, where the deceased sold, donated, exchanged, alienated, bequeathed or encumbered units in the scheme, the executor may continue with the application for the opening of the scheme.

Can a long term lease agreement be registered over a portion of a building without a sectional title register?
Yes, if a diagram is provided.

Can a holder of a long term lease agreement over immovable property cede an undivided share to someone else?
Yes, provided the cession is not prohibited by the provisions of the lease.


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October 2016

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January 2017

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