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Commercial law in South Africa is governed by two main focal points; commercial contracts and litigation.

Our attorneys are fully capable of assisting and advising you in the drafting and perusing of any and all agreements and contracts necessary in the commercial sector. In so doing, we pride ourselves in meeting your expectations while focusing on your best interests, and providing advice which is both legally and commercially sound.

The second aspect of commercial law in South Africa is litigation. There are many instances where businesses in the commercial sector may require legal representation and advice when being sued, or require the assistance of an attorney to institute legal proceedings against individuals, groups or corporations. By contacting our attorneys, you ensure that your commercial law practitioner will be able to assist you effectively and expediently with the focus on an outcome which is commercially beneficial to you.

Other commercial law services we provide include:
  • Legal representation in Arbitration matters.
  • Liquidation, sequestration and business rescue matters
  • Registration of companies, close corporations and trusts
  • Drafting of purchase, lease, partnership, share sale, association agreements, shareholders agreements and others ancillary thereto
  • Standard terms and conditions, application for credit, suretyship and securities.
  • Drafting of employment agreements, commission based agreements and service level agreements
  • Tender documentation and compliance
  • Franchise agreements
The Risks of Verbal Agreements
October 2017
Verbal agreements are no less binding than written agreements. Proving these agreements and the exact terms thereof on the other hand is another matter.

Suiwer Ekonomiese Verlies
September 2017
Suiwer ekonomiese verlies omvat vermoënsverlies wat nie die gevolg van saakbeskadiging of persoonlikheidskrenking is nie. Met ander woorde, bo en behalwe die direkte skade gely, kan ‘n eiser ook die skade wat indirek gely is as gevolg van die direkte skade, eis.

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